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  • Signs of Trust Problem in Your Relationship


    Trust is the second strong pillar of a good relationship (Communication being the first one).

    Broken trust can happen in a relationship for many reasons.  If you are having problems with trust, you most likely having great issues in your relationship. Read below some signs and reasons of losing trust in your partner.

    Signs and reasons of Trust problem in your relationship

    • Affairs / cheating
    • Sexual involvement with other
    • Non-sexual involvement, but intimate relationship with others
    • Financial “secrets” / overspending
    • Suspicious behaviors
    • Suspicion of affairs
    • Suspicion of drug/alcohol abuse
    • Suspicion of porno addiction/use
    • Suspicion of gambling
    • Checking partner’s social media
    • Checking partner’s phone / texts / messages
    • Pretending being someone else to check partner’s behavior
    • Partner's past behaviors

    Causes of trust issues in a relationship

    Often times people lose trust due to partner’s behaviors.

    Perhaps they have never build trust due to past experiences with other partners or how they were raised by their parents.

    It is important to explore the models of relationship you grew up with, from your parents or other relevant adults in your life.

    With a help of a psychotherapist or a marriage counselor, you can learn ways to rebuild trust in your relationship.

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