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    Helping Adults in Many Life Stages

    All you wanted to do was to become an adult. Nobody told you how many bumps you would have to overcome along that journey. You may be having relationship issues at work or home. You feel stressed and overwhelmed. You may feel anxiety and panic. Depression may set in at times. That dark cloud keeps following you.

    The isolation from the COVID-19 pandemia exacerbated issues that were barely there. But now it became too much to bear. You need someone to talk to.

    After you pass the age of “adulting” (26+), other issues may arise while trying to develop relationships (romantic, family, friends, or work-related), working on your career, or furthering your academic skills.

    The following are some issues we usually help patients in our office:

    Using an integrative approach, patients find relief and skills for a life worth living.

    We at Tampa Therapy Group can help you deal with life stressors and transitions. Call us today.


    “Dr. Dove helped me so much. I liked her therapy techniques. I can truly say that working with her has been a very positive experience.”
    (Female, single, 30’s – Individual therapy)

    “This therapist was very easy to open up to and she was very understanding.”
    (Female, single, 30’s – Individual therapy)

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    Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove at Tampa Therapy Group