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    Sexual Assault | Sexual Trauma

    Treatment of Sexual Trauma Using Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.)

    You never imagined that it could ever happen to you. Yet, it did.

    You were a child or teen that “should know better” and someone took advantage of your immaturity.

    Or yet, you were partying, been drinking, and you ended up being sexually assaulted.

    A.R.T. is a newer evidence-based therapy used for clients who have experienced sexual trauma including harassment, abuse, and rape. If you have experienced sexual trauma, it can help you:

    • Forget the pain of your experience(s)
    • Erase disturbing images
    • Eliminate reactions to triggers
    • Reprogram stress memories and images
    • Develop positive and effective strategies for dealing with stressors
    • Improve your sleep

    A.R.T. uses eye movements, imagery, and guidance to help your brain better process and store traumatic memories. When these are processed and stored differently, they no longer trigger negative physical and emotional reactions. Using a series of relaxing eye movements, you will move beyond your stuck points towards growth and positive change. You are in complete control during these sessions, and you don’t even need to talk about your stressful or traumatic experiences to achieve recovery. A randomized study of ART, when used for post-traumatic stress, found a 70% reduction in symptoms. Similar outcomes have been found when using this therapy for other problems.

    Sexual trauma is a major health concern, and it takes a toll on your mental health. It may impact your levels of anxiety, depression, your desire to socialize, and your cognitive function. Sexual trauma can also affect your physical health like your immune function, inflammation, and sleep quality.

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