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    When Children Need Special Care

    As parents, we want to help our children become good, productive, and excellent adults. However, there’s a long road to get there. Often times, parents find themselves ill-equipped to deal with the stressors of parenting, not knowing how to deal with the difficulties their child is going through (in their personal lives, school, sports, etc.).

    That’s why it is crucial to consider help from a psychotherapist.

    Here are some of the common issues seen in small children:

    • Behavior Issues
    • Anxiety (Identified in children as “my belly hurts”)
    • Depression (Identified in children as a “gloominess” or anger)
    • Peer Relationship

    In our office, we use play therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, and psychotherapy with children.

    Therapy treatment for children is ONLY after one or two sessions with the parents alone.