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    Young Adults

    Adulting / Young Professionals / College Students

    The moment you hoped for when you were growing up is finally here: “I’m an adult.” What now? You may have realized that there are many more issues connected with adulting than you ever imagined.

    Something brought you here. Whether it be a desire for self-improvement, specific behavior change, or at the suggestion of somebody close to you, you are here. Maybe you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled in your personal or professional life. Maybe uncertainty, and the struggle with how to address the uncertainty you are facing, serves to compound the distress you may be dealing with.

    Everyone struggles with something, and oftentimes, they push through their struggles on their own. They maintain patterns of thought and behavior that keep them from accomplishing the goals that they know, deep down, they are capable of achieving. 

    Or maybe don’t feel confident in their capabilities to achieve their hopes and dreams. They may feel undeserving of the peace-of-mind that they strive for, like it has yet to be earned. They make comparisons, and create well-formulated reasons, for why the object of comparison cannot be theirs.

    They either want to change something about themselves, or something about the people or world around them. Or they want to gain a greater sense of acceptance for the things they cannot change. They may just be unsure of how to go about doing so.

    If they sound anything like you, you were right about finding the best therapist to help you at this time. Whatever brought you here, brought you to the right place.

    At times, it is good to have support from a psychotherapist when going through issues such as:

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