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    Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy

    Is therapy for me? I heard only people with “real” problems go to therapy.

    There are many types of therapies and many kinds of ailments. Therapy is for the ones who are suffering from something they want to get help with. It could be a mild form of anxiety or depression, grief/loss, relationship issues, trauma, sexual issues, or a more serious psychological diagnosis.

    How does therapy work? Why is therapy better than talking to my friend/priest/professor?

    Therapy only works if the clinician and patient have a good relationship. The therapeutical process works better and faster when the patient is as honest and open as possible. Therapists are trained to apply interventions to help patients diminish their suffering, instead of friends who only engage in parallel conversations or other professionals whose first obligation is to help you become a functional member of their organization.

    How long is the average therapy length?

    Therapy length varies according to the presenting problem. It can last as little as a couple of months to several years (depending on the case and type of therapy, if psychoanalysis is applied, for example).

    Can I use my insurance?

    You may be able to use your insurance if you have insurance that covers mental health treatment from out-of-network providers. Please call your insurance first to learn how much they will reimburse you. You will be able to submit monthly bills to your insurance company for benefits you may qualify for.

    Our financial arrangement is with you, and payments are expected at the beginning of each session.

    What’s the difference between therapy, coaching, and concierge?

    Therapy – Use of therapeutical skills from an integrative orientation of the theories listed below.

    Coaching – An analysis and orientation of personal and professional life, using different instruments than those used in therapy.

    Concierge – A VIP psychological, personal, or professional specialized, integrative support for individuals, couples, or family.

    What types of therapy do you offer?

    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy integrated with CBT, A.R.T. Mindfulness, EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) w/ EMDR aspects, ACT, Experiential, and Gottman Method.

    Therapy is directed at individual, couple, family, and group settings.

    Who do you attend?

    Individuals – Adolescents and Adults
    Children and Family
    Better Age

    What is EFT?

    Based on neuro-bio-cognitive techniques, the Emotional Freedom Technique is a modern tapping technique combined with cognitive restructuring to treat depression, anxiety, pain, trauma, etc.

    What is Mindfulness?

    Based on ancient Chinese medicine, Mindfulness encompasses body, breathing, and being. There are many exercises integrated into Mindfulness, such as breathing, relaxation, imagery, etc.

    Do you provide therapy in another language?

    Therapy for children, adults, and couples is also provided in Portuguese.
    Psicologo Brasileiro na Florida – Para casais, criancas, e adultos, falando portugues nativo servindo Brasileiros na area de Tampa and Clearwater/Safety Harbor.

    Couple Therapist in Tampa

    Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove at Tampa Therapy & Wellness