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    You have dreamed of reaching a certain age and NOT have any more preoccupations. Instead, life continues to happen. Sometimes is the new relationship that is not working well. Or perhaps is the fact you are supposed to face retirement and find yourself not ready financially for it. Perhaps is your health is deteriorating and you are becoming more worried about your own mortality. There are many issues seen when arriving at an older age:

    If you are stressing about any of the issues above, please call (813) 613-8587 for a FREE 15-minute phone conversation.

    We at Tampa Therapy Group will help you identify your issues and find the best way to help you live a better life and improve your well-being and relationships.


    “Dr. Dove is the only therapist that I have stuck with. She really cares from her heart. The BEST EVER!”
    (Female, divorced, 50’s – Individual therapy)

    “Overall I think my sessions went well. I feel much better and was able to conquer many of the challenges I was dealing with. The tools given to me during my sessions have been most helpful.”
    (Female, single, 60’s – Individual therapy)

    “My life has been enriched by Dr. Rosana.”
    (Male, married, 50’s – Individual)

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    Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove at Tampa Therapy Group