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  • Coping With Grief After Losing a House or Personal Property

    Grief is often thought of in terms of death, but it can also extend to other losses, including the loss of a house or personal property. Here are some tips for how to cope with grief after losing your home or an item that held special significance to you:

    • Take your time. After losing your home, you may feel like you need to rush to find a replacement. But so long as you and your family have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay in the meantime, take your time before committing to a new residence. Consider what you loved about your old home—whether it be the neighborhood, the architectural style, or something else entirely—and focus on finding a new house that will check off those boxes. This will also provide you with the time you need to consider your finances so that you don’t rush into a decision that will cause you stress later on.
    • Hold onto your memories. If you and your family spent years building memories in the home that you lost, you may be grieving the loss of those special times. You might also feel similar emotions if the item you lost was a family heirloom or a souvenir from a memorable trip. But it’s important to remember that those memories live in your heart, not in the physical house or object.
    • Try to make the best of it. It can be incredibly difficult to look on the bright side after a loss like this, but try to see the silver lining whenever possible. Maybe you had been discussing moving to a different area, and losing your home provides you with the opportunity to do so. Or perhaps you had held onto your mother’s bakeware for sentimental reasons, but after losing it, you now have the chance to own a more modern set that will better serve your needs.

    Get Help Healing From Your Loss

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