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    Nobody ever told you that getting out from your parents’ wings and adventuring yourself during college years would cause you anxiety.

    Making decisions, being safe, acting responsibly, minding others, starting friendships, starting relationships, being financially minded, huhhh… so much anxiety!


    Have you ever had to:

    • Decide on majors
    • Talk to teachers
    • Figure out how to pay for college
    • Talk to counselors
    • Get a job
    • Have fun
    • Find and Keep friends
    • Be safe
    • Open a bank account
    • Buy a car, change oils, buy new tires…
    • Buy car insurance
    • Get health insurance
    • And the list goes on and on….


    Your anxiety may come more on the form of social anxiety (talking to people, performing, etc. than about making life decisions (choosing major, buying a car, etc.).  Either way the symptoms associated with anxiety still the same:

    • Racing thoughts (a.k.a. A.N.T – Automatic Negative Thoughts)
    • Confusion
    • Sweat hands
    • Palpitating heart
    • Dizziness, etc.

    Yes, you may be activating any of the “4 F’s of Survival: Flight, Fight, Freeze, Faint” – and that means you are now on survival mode. Fear can do that!


    The BEST remedy is to FACE IT. And be proactive: Don’t let the anxiety creep up on you! Pay attention to:

    • Emotions
    • Physical Sensations
    • N.T’s – negative thoughts
    • What’s making you uncomfortable?
    • Is there any danger around you?
    • Triggering thoughts – What led you to this state?
    • Do you want to act impulsively to avoid feeling anxious?
    • What exactly you do to continue or stop the anxiety?

    Answering those questions and being mindful how you react to being anxious are great steps to manage it!

    Remember: Your MIND created the anxiety – it will be YOUR MIND ONLY that will make it stop!

    The worst you can do for your anxiety is to avoid it – never do that! Work on your breathing (long, calming breaths) and allow your body to return to base level with the aid of positive self-talk.

    If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety – please consult with a psychologist.

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