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    Parents want their young-adult “children” to do well in college, be involved in clubs, sports, etc. That itself causes a lot of anxiety. If we add the other issues college students must go through in “adulting time”, it can become unbearable for some. Those issues could be:

    • Self-awareness of their limitations (“People will find I’m a fraud”)
    • Self-pressure on doing well for parents or self (“My parents expect more from me”)
    • Dealing with new people – fear of judgement (“What if they learn that I am….”)
    • Dealing with teachers
    • Navigating finances
    • Looking for Internship / Jobs
    • Managing their money for monthly expenses
    • Learning to be in relationships with new friends or romantic ones
    • Dodging sexual assault
    • Learning to be a sexual being
    • Learning to deal with drugs and alcohol
    • Calming their social anxiety and so forth

    In dealing with all or some of these issues, these young adults can find themselves feeling:

    • Anxious
    • Depressed
    • Frustrated
    • Irritated
    • Discouraged
    • Lack of motivation
    • Even engaging in self-harming behaviors

    If this is happening to you, make sure you find a good therapist – the best match for YOU – that can help you learn skills for YOUR specific problem and to support you during ADULTING times.

    You will find that talking to someone where you can be yourself, without fears of judgement, that you can be as open and as honest you can, can help you navigate this formative time in your life. We have experience in working with college students at Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels.

    Call us at (813) 530-5180 at Tampa Therapy & Wellness, and we’ll be sure to find the best match for you. We offer a confidential and private space for you. We are located a couple blocks from the University of Tampa, and about 15 min south of the University of South Florida, in Hyde Park, Tampa – FL.