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  • Allow Yourself to be Teased and Wait to be Pleased

    As a couple therapist, one of the major issues I hear in my practice is the disconnection couples report about their sexual life. From young to older couples, most of them complain that their libidos are “not a match”. Often times, we see that the male partner has higher libido (considering they don’t have the ups and downs of monthly hormonal changes, or menopause to go through).

    One complaint I hear is that males are very forward in their conquest for sex and the females are not very high on their sexual energy to engage in a sexual encounter.

    Some of the females also complain that if they try to be a little romantic, touching their partner, they immediately jump into trying to engage in sex with them – that is difficult to stay on the “fooling around” stage.

    Women in general, will be more willing in having sex, when they feel safe, loved, cared for, and emotionally connected with them.

    Men should take some cues and let the women lead at times. They should allow themselves to be teased by their women and wait to be pleased – and I am sure they all will be very satisfied.

    So, next time your woman approaches you to touch you, smile, touch back in a soft way, and let her lead and pursue you!

    If you and your partner are having a disconnection in your sexual life, contact us at Tampa Therapy and Wellness – we’ll help you to get back on track – or even better, improve your sex life.