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    Is it possible to recover from a marital affair? From being cheated on?

    The answer is: It depends. There are many variables that might help you to recover from your partner taking their energy (of attention, emotion, sexual, financial, time) to someone else.

    • Past experiences in childhood – If you come from a family where you saw one or two parents breaking the trust, you might decide in your mind that people are fallible and can be forgiven. OR you might decide that had caused a lot pain, and you would never forgive or allow your family to constantly go through such experiences.
    • Past personal experiences – If you were the one who broke the trust – You might be more inclined to stay and work on issues now
    • Past personal experiences – If a past partner has broken your trust – Depending on the intensity of the relationship, how long you were together, how invested you were in the relationship, you may never “forgive” the person, or you may be inclined to give them another chance – with stipulated boundaries.
    • If you have children with the person – You might decide to try to work on – and give it another try in the sake of the children.
    • If there’s a financial issue that prevents you from leaving the relationship – Some people will stay in a broken relationship because of money, life conditions, etc.


    Finding a good couples’ psychologist is a must. In couples therapy, couples will learn many different skills to improve communication, trust, and intimacy. Couples will improve their marriage and learn to be present for one another in good and bad times.

    In our experience, the outcomes of couples therapy focused on affair recovery, is highly dependable on the variables mentioned above.

    Above the variables, motivation to do the work, to be open, and being willing to learn new skills are very important traits in order to improve the relationship and recover from having the trust broken.

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