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  • Become Grounded in Nature

    What exactly is grounding?

    Grounding means becoming connected to ourselves and who we are through connecting with the earth. This technique involves activities that allow you to focus on how you feel in the present moment, while also utilizing our relationship with nature.

    What are the benefits of grounding?

    • Feel connected with yourself
    • Develop a state of mindfulness
    • Establish a connection with nature
    • Learn to stay present
    • Decrease feelings of anxiety or stress

    How can I ground myself?

    Walk barefoot on grass, sand, or dirt. Walk slowly, close your eyes, and focus on your physical sensations.

    Lie on the earth and bring awareness to all 5 senses. What can you smell, hear, taste, touch and see.
    Swim in a body of water. Focus on how your movements interact with the water and change its form.
    Moon / star / cloud gaze. Appreciate the beauty of the earth and notice any thoughts that come to mind.

    To learn more about the techniques above and other grounding or mindfulness exercises, work with your therapist or contact us, Tampa Therapy and Wellness, at (813) 530-5180.