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  • Celebrating International Women’s Day – March 8th

    The history of women suffering around the globe is extent. In the beginning of the last century, women around the world started public demonstration to vindicate their rights (of voting, working, etc.).

    More than two hundred years has past, and we (women) still fighting for equality, respect, etc.

    Today, on Women’s International Day, we at Tampa Therapy and Wellness, pay a great respect to all women that came before us that allowed us to be professionals, successful business owners, medical and financial professionals, lawyers, professors, etc.

    In an all-women-office, we recognize the importance of camaraderie, friendship, equality, and so forth. We provide services to all genders and walks of life with no discrimination.

    Today we don’t need flowers or gifts – we need recognition, we need understanding.

    Some countries have heavily commercialized this date – like some other holidays.

    We come to you to raise awareness of the difficulties women still go through in life in many different countries and even on this very same country.

    Let’s celebrate and be mindful how we come across to the females in the world, respecting and celebrating each one of us.

    Happy International Women’s Day

    If you feel you have not been respected or valued as female, please contact us at (813) 530-5180.